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Geometry Primitive


<Box .../>
Attribute Comment Value


<Pipe .../>
Attribute Comment Value


<Wedge .../>
Attribute Comment Value
direction= Select from: UpperLeft, UpperRight, BottomLeft, BottomRight


<STL file="geometry.stl" scale="1m" x="10" side="out"/>

Imports a STL file as geometrical object. The element works in two modes. In the first mode, it fills elements inside or outside of the STL geometry (casting rays along some axis). In the second mode (side="surface") it fills elements touching the geometry (on both sides) and *calculates the cuts for Interpolated-BounceBack-type conditions.

Attribute Comment Value
file= STL file to import Unknown type
side= Specifies if to fill the interior (in), exterior (out), or the surface (see description) Select from: out, in, surface
ray_axis= Specifies the axis along which rays will be cast for in/out filling of STL Select from: x, y, z
scale= Specifies the scale by which the STL geometry should be multiplied. If you work in physical units, this can be e.g. "1m" Value with unit (float)